Guitarrist but also a talented pianist, jazz musician Pedro Madaleno , a disciple of  Jim Hall and Lee Konitz, which taughts  and influence  are so well documented in the   beautiful melodic lines  that he plays ,  recognizes also himself as a  Pat Metheny influenced improviser but at the same time he is a recognised  music composer.

 Pedro Madaleno is one of the most important figures in today’s Portuguese music scene, as a performer and a teacher – he formed at least half of the young jazz musicians active today.

He studied in NY and Boston as a scholarship recipient, at the Berklee School of Music and in the Jazz Program of the New School of Social Research between 1986-1990 .

He  was a devoted  ''protegé'' student of  Lee Konitz, Jim Hall,  Karl Berger with whom he builded a strong connection,  and during his staying in the United States he learned to master his six-strings also with the likes of John Abercrombie, John Scofield and Attila Zoller and developed awesome compositional skills studying with master geniuses Kenny Werner and  Aidyn Esen, Harold Danko, Anthony Davis, Gary Dial.

While his time in NY, he also jammed intensivly with his  classroom colleagues Brad Mehldau, Chris Potter, Roy Hargrove, Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings, Ed Simon, between others.

He studied also 4 years  in several workshops  with Master Genius Karl Berger, which opened up a whole spectrum of knowledge that Pedro developed by himself, working with the amazing Rhythmic Theories of GamalaTaki and Konakol, while being one of the few rare  authority teachers in the world in  Gamala Taki , and also directing the first World Music Program ever in Portugal at Estal ( 2018-20)

He also taught at Hot Club de Portugal (1992-2006) and Jbjazz School (2006-2018) the matters of guitar, compostion, harmony, world rhythm, combo ,ear training and optional courses on GamalaTaki , Modern Jazz, and other subjects.

With  DownBeat Guitar Awarded  Winner Ted Dunbar, he dived into the Lydian Chromatic Concept of George Russell. From clubs to jazz festivals, his playing is very much present in Portugal, and he’s frequently requested to compose for dance, films and visual art exhibitions. His improvising style has much to do with Hall’s and Abercrombie’s fingering approach, but with pedal effects originated from the late Seventies jazz-rock fusion, converging in a music very aware of the history of jazz which, if it’s mainstream in form, opens itself to more audacious situations, carefully built but acessible.He played in  all the majors Festivals in Portugal and islands, Angola, Moçambique, Spain, France, Germany, Uk, Ireland, China, Usa.

​​​​​​​He has released 5 CDS, and 3 of them were awarded with prizes.

Last CD, ''That smile on youf face'' was Nº1 for 2 months  on  categories TOP recommended/Top listenings at the world renowned website.

"Alumni of Jim Hall, Lee Konitz, John Abercrombie, John Scofield ,Kenny Werner, Karl Berger and other Jazz legends, Pedro has been playing for over 40 years all over the world, pursuing a level of excelence eitiher on his performances, compositions or  as a teacher of  most of the 1990-2010's  jazz musicians  generation in Portugal while directing and teaching  Clinics  in many countries."

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Pedro Madaleno 

Guitarist and Composer